After VA Pension is Awarded Don’t Go It Alone

I have had countless VA Pensions awarded under the non-service connected disability pension rules (Aid & Attendance).  However there are many things that a client and family can do to mess up the pension award and cause a charge back by the VA of all pension payments.  I can all but guarantee that other professionals that you may work with are not attune to the complex rules of the VA.  

If you are selling a home, please contact me for direction.  The easy way is probably not the correct way of handling a home sale.  If you are distributing money from an irrevocable trust, there are formalities that must be adhered to for VA, medi-Cal and tax reasons.  Please call me.   

Any action that you take may have an impact on the continuing of the pension.  So please call.  Don’t be penny wise and pound-foolish.

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