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After watching thousands of clients struggle through a journey they are often severely unprepared for, and following my own experiences when caring for my own aging parents, I created the ElderCare Ready series as a step-by-step guide for family caregivers.  The ElderCare Ready Book explains the importance of being prepared emotionally, physically, and legally, and describes what needs to be done to prepare.  The ElderCare Ready Pack is a 200+ page step-by-step guide, and once completed by the reader, it packs the necessary information for your eldercare journey.


In my 34-year practice in elder law, I have found that the need to care for an aging family member often sneaks up on everyone involved, and procrastination exaggerates the problem exponentially.  Both adult children and their parents tend to avoid thinking about getting sick or old.  But when the crisis eventually occurs, as millions of families have already discovered, it is more difficult to cope with the uncertainly, stress and confusion of eldercare due to a lack of clear understanding and preparation.  Sadly, by the time people call me, they are usually in crisis mode.  I created the ElderCare Ready Book and ElderCare Ready Pack so people can prepare for their eldercare journey and alleviate the accompanying stress as much as possible.


The ElderCare Ready Book and ElderCare Ready Pack teach readers what to expect, help them to prepare ahead of time, demystify the confusing process of eldercare, and provide a clear path forward.

The Book and Pack are broken down into 10 categories: Personal Information, Contacts, Medical Information, Current Living Situation, Desired Facilities, Pets, Financial, Estate Plan, Service Providers, and Miscellaneous.

The importance of collecting this information cannot be overstated.  You need information when you have to act for your elder, especially if they are not mentally capable of making legal decisions.  I advise clients to collect this information NOW when there is no crisis at hand and while your elder is as mentally competent as possible to assist you.

To keep everyone updated on eldercare issues, I also created an eldercare website at www.eldercareready.com.  Comments on the posts are always welcome.

My ElderCare Ready Book and ElderCare Ready Pack are available at Amazon.com.  Enjoy!

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