SB 1124 (Hernandez) Vetoed by the Governor


There was a pile of bills on Governor Brown’s desk this last week and many were signed that affected residential care facilities for the elderly.  However, one bill was being watched very carefully and it was unfortunately vetoed by the Governor.

SB 1124 (Hernandez) was a bill that would have offered relief for many Medi-Cal beneficiaries who worry about losing their family homes. While the short term savings – $15 million according to the Governor’s budget folks – amount to less than .05% of the overall Medi-Cal budget, the long term consequences of this veto include the destabilization of low income communities, who are the primary targets of Medi-Cal recovery. Forcing the children of Medi-Cal beneficiaries to sell the family home or to sign “voluntary liens” at annual 7% interest rates is simply bad public policy.

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