Unpaid Cook and Janitor Care for Assisted Living Residents After State Abandoned Them

A feel good story for the holiday season…and a huge thanks to a couple of regular guys that became heroes.

After what I consider the total and complete incompetence of the California Department of Social Services, click here to read an article about how two employees of a care facility that was forced to be closed by the Department saved sixteen seriously disabled seniors from certain harm and neglect. These residents were supposed to be relocated after the ordered closure but due to an error by the Department were in essence left behind to fend for themselves.

Huff Post AL Article

Two employees (one a janitor and the other a cook) refused to abandon the residents, even though all other staff left, being concerned for the residents’ safety. They bathed the residents, doled out medications, fed them and made sure they were safe. The duo worked 24 hours a day and rotated shifts over a weekend. They were not paid for any of this work. After no help came and one resident’s condition deteriorated they called 911 and the authorities took action.

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